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Saturday, November 25, 2006

El Noche Mexicano

We had mexican night with small group on friday. seems like we ate our way through this weekend between thanksgiving, mexican night and cookie days! we watched a movie, ate lots of nachos and other cheesy foods and they even got a pinata! it was great fun! i think i'm almost nearly recovered too :) Danae was so cute! here's a picture of me and danae and there's lots more pics from mexican night on my yahoo photos...

and i've also uploaded two videos so take a look!!
Danae ...

Tim sword fights the tree while the pinata watches ...

Cookie Days

We had our first couple cookie days this week and made, well i don't have the count but i'm sure several thousand cookies. and we ate several dozen before they were even cooked!! :)

On saturday lydia and lana and trent came over too! they were a huge help! here's trent rolling...

there are many more pics on my yahoo photos page, but here's a fun one of lana and i playing with toobers and zots...

Ahoy China

Tim is back from his all expense paid 2 week trip to china!! woohoo! everyone was so great and kept me extremely busy while he was gone! not that i didn't miss him, but all the invites for dinner and the girls night and all the rest of the busy-ness definitely helped! thanks guys!! Here's a picture of us on our girls night - yes, we were tired!

after tim got back esther was his shadow. she followed him literally from room to room and sat on the couch next to him with a paw on his leg and just gazed adoringly at him for hours! now i don't have a picture of that but i do have a picture of her having fun sitting in a box while we were stuffing mailers for house of his creation that weekend

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Secret Pals

Forgive me, i'm a little late posting this. i just don't think i'll be able to express on a blog all the things i'd say. so i'll just say a few things... My great Aunt Kitty and I had a unique relationship, i'm not sure many people have the priveledge to be so close to a great aunt. Growing up we would go to her house frequently for extended family gatherings. and we'd play with the little metal stove set halfway up the stairs (do you remember that katie?) she always loved to have us play our instruments and sing at christmas no matter how terrible we actually sounded! Through college and in the past several years I've enjoyed sending her mail as her secret pal. She enjoyed getting the mail and since our family gatherings became fewer over the years it helped me to keep close to her. aunt kitty passed away last month after many health issues. Well, i'm not good with words so i won't try to explain my thoughts any more but i've attached a couple pictures... a the top was one of aunt kitty and i at my bridal shower! her obit from the paper (click on it to enlarge it and read it) and a great picture of aunt kitty and mommom! we miss you aunt kitty. and mommom, you were a great sister to her!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Tim and I worked the David Crowder Band/ Third Day concert last week. We didn't get to see much of david crowder but i did get to say hi to him!! And Julie (from small group) and I worked the Michael W Smith concert yesterday!! It was great and really relaxing! I added a bunch of pics to a new folder in yahoo pics called november 2006. Here's one of Julie and I and another one of Tim and I on halloween. I know halloween has nothing to do with concerts but i had so much fun being a cat i wanted to post the pic!