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Monday, June 29, 2009

ER visits for all

Well within the last month we've made a trip to the ER for each of us! When we were at worlds end Ryan fell backwards off the picnic bench and hit his head on the concrete patio. We took him to the ER 45 minutes away to be safe, since he can't explain things to us and because the ER was so far away. We kept him awake on the way there, asking him to say stuff, it was so cute and sad! Anyhow, everything looked good, just a good bump and that's actually the fastest ER visit I've every heard of, about 45min total time there!

Then it was Tims turn. Last sunday he woke up around 5:15 in excruciating pain in his back, not really being able to move. We thought maybe it was a kidney stone so we went to the ER to check him out. They said too high for kidneys and took xrays of his back and it turns out he has a broken rib! We really have no idea how it happened and NO, i did not kick him in the back while he was sleeping! He's doing much better now after a few days of pain meds and things are healing, although my trip last night didn't help him at all...

Yesterday I was feeling crampy and contracting so we called and they said especially with my history of preterm labor last time that i had to come in and get checked. I was contracting consistently, they gave me a shot of turbuteline(sp) to stop the contractions, which worked (praise God!) and they did an u/s and exam. She looks good in there, cervix is still long, not considered preterm labor. May be a small UTI that sparked everything. But praise the Lord i'm not on bedrest!! although Tim has me pretty much on bedrest this week at least :) We got home about 2:30 am last night. poor tim had to sit/sleep in a chair there for 5+ hours and i'm sure that didn't feel good with his broken rib!

Thanks for all the prayers for all of us!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ryan J Plays Guitar and Sings

In one of the videos you can hear him singing "It is well" I think it's so crazy that he knows to pluck the strings and not bang on the guitar! same thing with the piano, he uses his fingers, no banging, and he sings along :) andrew, do you love it??

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bitty Baby...

Bitty baby is a GIRL!!!!! Shes measuring right on and looks great! Here are some pics...