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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ryan Update

Ryan did VERY well with his blood draw on thursday! He was very brave and barely cried! All the practice really paid off! Thanks for that doctor kits Aunt Katie and Nana! And thanks for the berenstain bears doctor video grandmom! The results came back and his hemoglobin is up to 10!! This is great, but still low. The doctors are looking for it to go up more and still wondering why it was low in the first place. They are also still recommending a second opinion on the reflux, but reassured me that they would carefully review his previous care and tests/procedures so they wouldn't necessarily be doing additional procedures. In addition, she reviewed his history and testing and how often he is still currently complaining about his stomach (every day, several times) and thinks that maybe he also has a lactose intolerance. So we are to try NO dairy for 7 days. I know we tried forms of this before, when he was nursing and right when we switched him to milk. But hopefully this will be more definitive this time. I think that's all for now, thanks for reading and keep praying! :)