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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Goodbye Nutritionist!

Ryan had a nutritionist appointment yesterday and she said we don't have to come back!!!! Ryan is 30 pounds now! Close to 20th percentile for weight and proportionally growing in height! I cried when we left, I can't believe how far he's come! He and I were both so different when we first starting going to her. He wouldn't eat or sleep and I was a stressed out pregnant exhausted caretaker afraid we'd have to hire someone to help us if he did receive the threatened feeding tube. Now he actually asks for food! We don't give him supplemental calories in his drinks anymore! He even sleeps! He does still have the reflux issue and we will continue to see the GI doc for that as well as the immunologist for his IGA deficiency but we are hopeful for both of those to get better as well! Oh how far God has brought us! thank you all for your prayers!