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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Immunologist... and then some...

We took ryan to the immunologist today because EVERY time we take him to church he gets sick. She ordered some bloodwork, which we went and got right away. Ryan was NOT happy, not surprisingly. but he was a trooper! the lady had to dig around to find his vein too :( poor kid. at the end she said i'm sorry bud and he stopped crying and said, oh, she's sorry, oh she's sorry. and that was the end of the crying!

so that was the only thing on the calendar but of course the stuff that really fills your day is the stuff that's not on the calendar...
we went to the bank, and funny ryan quote, we walked in and he says "ooooh, they don't have cake anymore!" LOL we went the day the branch opened, a few months ago and they had cake. they thought he was too cute so they gave him a water bottle.

we also got recruited to take 43 dozen ears of corn to the grocery store for our amish friends! never done that before, very fun! and tomorrow is sarahs 18th birthday!!! i had so much fun talking to her!

and then on the way back from king of prussia we stopped at unisys and saw my dad and all my old friends! i miss you brad, it was SO good to see you!!! we walked out on the cold floor, it's so strange how smells bring back memories, as soon as we walked in i was overcome with memories from another life! ryan and naomi had a great time sitting at poppi's desk!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

GI Update

We took the kids to the GI doc on friday.  Naomi isn't ready to be off her meds, but that's ok we'll try again in a couple months.  Ryan is doing well and the doctor isn't threatening a feeding tube right now!  We're going to take him to an immunologist to see if there's anything we can do about him getting sick EVERY time we take him to church. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barnstormers Game!

Ryan had a great time at the barnstormers game last night. even though they lost 8-1. He did watch some of the game and was SO excited to be there. but he also hung out at the play area a lot, mostly the carousel! We had a great time hanging out with the downingtown and leola mantheys :)




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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy August!

Sorry about the lack of posts. :( My perfectionism sets in and says if i can't do every post that i want to i shouldn't do it at all. so i'm going taking a new approach and if i miss something i'll try and catch up on it later but in the meantime i'll keep posting! so here's a cute pic of naomi! ryan and naomi and tim all had a fever/flu thing recently and naomi was the last to have it and is finally getting over it. today she had that big grin back on her face! i really missed it!