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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Simple Life

Our electric is back on tonight after about 36 hours off, thanks to hurricane Irene.  :) I find myself grateful for the electric but mourning the loss of "the simple life".  

Yesterday morning we went to my parents and stuffed our fridge contents in their fridge (they have a big generator) while we were there michelle and Philip showed up! All of us out of power - we had a lovely cereal and fruit breakfast together.
This morning we used my parents house like a wash house - showers, baths, dishes! Thanks mom!

Last night we had dinner with my grandparents - they have chefs at the retirement center... And electric! It was a great impromptu family get together! They even let us charge our phones, check our email and wash dishes!!

My mom and i, In trying to figure out when to leave for dinner actually wrote notes to eachother via my dad who was dropping off a generator to keep our freezer going - thanks dad!  And I mean real notes - not instant message, not email, not SMS, not facebook wall posts, not even on the phone, actual hand written communication - only thing we could do!

I had "extra" time during the day to focus on, play with and snuggle my babies. No cell phone distractions - no where we needed to go - nobody was even open!

Last two nights I had no Internet to surf, no emails to write, tv to watch - I sat and read a book by flashlight while snuggling my kitty! What a great and extremely relaxing time!

It reminded me that when I was younger I wanted to be Amish. Granted it was 60% for the hot young Amish neighbor boy down the street, but the other 40% was because simple is so relaxing and God and family focused. (don't worry tim he's not nearly as hot anymore now that he's married and has that full beard)

God I pray that you will help me to get out of the electronic world more often and remember the joys of "the simple life"!!!

Friday, August 05, 2011

GI Smile

The kids both had checkups with the GI doctor today. Ryan is now 33 pounds and 39 inches tall. Naomi is 22 pounds and 33 inches tall. They are both doing VERY well and we even got several smiles from the normally unemotional GI doctor!! We will be trying to back off on naomis prilosec and see how that goes. In a month or so we will try for ryan as well!!

Very very exciting!! Who ever would have thought that the little scrawny non eating, non sleeping, puking, screaming mess of a baby, eventually adding immune, lactose and iron issues to the list... would be asking for more food (asking for food?!), gaining weight, running around, swimming, sleeping through the night (sleeping!! unbelievable!), full of energy, loving camp and sunday school(yes, we go to church again!!), headed to preschool in the fall and now maybe backing off of his reflux meds!! God is good!!!