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Thursday, August 23, 2007

37 weeks

Ryan is at 37 weeks today. We're very grateful for all your prayers since the preterm labor scare at 29 weeks, he's now considered full term! Mommy and Daddy are ready so anytime now is great! It looks like he is determined to hang out for a little while yet. My mom, sister and I went shopping/walking the mall today for a good 4 hours and he's still settled in there. He may have heard that his grandpa manthey is on his way home from texas so he might be waiting for him to get back to pa!

Here's a comparison of how much Ryan has grown in the last month...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Slacker...

Well i've been slacking! Since last time I posted we did lots of things and I have updated the online pics with photos. We had a fondue night which was great fun and very tasty! A few days ago I got off of my meds and off bedrest!! So now we're just waiting until Ryan decides to make his appearance :) We also celebrated my dads birthday with the fam this weekend. My fam also went to the shore the week before I got off the meds, we were quite sad that week since we didn't get to go this year but we're all looking forward to next year with baby Ryan! Here's some recent pics...

Here's a funny video of Esther playing with her balloon again, she fetches!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Last weekend Tim finished restaining our deck. What a huge project. It looks fantastic now, like a brand new deck! Here's a couple pics, the bottom one is an "in progress pic" so you can see the huge difference...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our Crazy Kitty

Esther has such personality it's so much entertainment for me while I'm home all day! Last week after the shower she and I tested out the stroller. I made that into a photo shoot so there's a bunch of pics in an album but I'll post a few here too.

And then Tim hung a dead balloon in the doorway upstairs and she's been loving that! We tuck it into the door jam and she jumps up to get it out. Here's a link to a video of the action... (mommom I think you'll like this!)


Of course after all this she's quite tired... and adorable!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baby Shower on Bedrest!

Even though I'm still on bedrest Katie and Beth organized a shower for me here! I was even able to sit up for a lot of it so that was really nice! I think everyone had a good time. There were some really funny games, like one where they melted chocolate in diapers and people had to figure out what kind of chocolate bar it had been. I think my favorite was making pretzels in the shape of babies. Making pretzels is so much fun! I got lots more stuff that we needed too! Including a stroller!! It's the coolest stroller! Thank you everyone for everything and especially for hanging out with me! It was so good to see people again! Here are a few pics from the shower, there are more in an album in our pictures...