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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy Weekend!

We've had a busy weekend so far, and after typing this post I realize we mostly ate our way through the weekend!

Ryan visited Tims work on friday. Here's a pic of him finding out typing isn't as easing at it looks!

Then we had mexican night friday night. Sadly the pinata broke with the first whack! They gorilla taped it back together though for a few more wacks.

Saturday started out with apple day at my parents, yummmmm apples and pie crust dough!!

And saturday night we went to the HVMI banquet at Shady Maple. For more information or to support their ministry visit www.hvmi.org. Here's a pic of the boys at the banquet. (more pics from all events in the october photo album.

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Anonymous said...

looks like a fun weekend. ryan is getting so big. i need to meet him.