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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reflux Update (again)

Ryan has really made improvements over the last month! He is sleeping from 9-5 every night, it is wonderful!!! He's also eating two meals of solid food a day. His reflux has become more of the spitting up kind rather than the silent kind. He spits up all over the floor (we're going to need our carpets cleaned!) but hey, he's happy! We re-worked on him putting himself to sleep and now he'll go down for most naps and bedtime without any crying!! He's even missed his meds twice in the last week and it wasn't the end of the world! It's such a pleasure to have a happy child! I'm really starting to enjoy being a mom! I think several things have contributed to this change, stopping nursing, ryans digestive system maturing, the change in meds the doc made, eating solid foods, sitting up more. but most of all thank you for your continued prayers, it's what makes the most difference!

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