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Sunday, September 21, 2008

How's Ryan doing?

Well, Ryan IS doing better! The meds really do seem to be working! We've found if we give him the ulcer med (the carafate) before he eats then he eats better, spits up less and whines less. now he still has had some bad days and we're super cautious of getting our hopes up that things are 'fixed'. but he really is doing better and even going down consistently for naps completely on his own with no crying! it's insane, i don't even know this kid. he also took a few steps on his own! but since i don't have a video of that i'll post some more pics from the shore :)


Kelly said...

Those are great pictures, Jen! I'm glad Ryan is doing better.

Bess said...

Your photos are AWESOME! Did you take most of them? Cute!