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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rethinking the Elmer Plague

Our amish friend Sarah died on christmas eve. turns out that the day we spent with her and naomi and elmer was the last time we saw her. it was a really good day in general besides getting the plague. and i'm really glad that we got to spend that time with her. Turns out God knew all along what He was doing. I don't know why i ever doubt. We were able to go to the viewing, funeral and burial which was very good, especially good to see the family. even though it was all in german we still caught a few words like, "in my fathers house". isn't it nice to know that God's love crosses over language barriers? When we get to heaven we'll understand eachother perfectly :) We're really going to miss sarah, especially all the lessons she taught us about being calm and patient and waiting for God's timing. What a wonderful blessing to have had her in our lives!

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