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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Women and Babies Triage... Again!

so here's what happened... 

We went to the Victory "brewbq" where Andrew was playing yesterday.  Well they said we could take the hayride to the field or walk.  We chose walking because I'm crazy allergic to hay!  Well they didn't tell us it was actually a 1 mile hike uphill to get there!  And it was crazy hot.  So of course contractions started on the walk/hike and didn't stop all afternoon.  Tim panicked, as did Katie and Dad.  Dad drove the car up there to bring us back.  After dinner we went in to the hossy because ctx were still happening.  The monitors at the hossy confirmed it and they gave me turbuteline right away which really calmed things down.  They did an exam, fetal-fibroid-nectamy or something like that which tells you if you could go into labor in next 2 weeks.  And they did u/s.  U/S showed some change since last preterm scare (about month ago) but it stll wasn't too bad.  Exam was fine, the FFN thing took about 3 hours to get results.  (Once again, poor Tim sleeping in a really uncomfortable chair in a cold room!)  But the results came back neg and so they sent me home (woohoo!) and
told me to do bedrest sunday only.  So unless my retarded uterus acts up again i don't have permanent bedrest (yet!)


Kara Stoltzfus said...

glad all is well.
i know how scary "complicated" pregnancies can be and how much worry they can cause.
i pray all goes well in the months ahead.

Bess said...

Oh, Jenny...that's what a few brewskies will do to ya! ;o) (just picking...in no way am i implicating Jen in being a drinker, alcoholic, irresponsible preggo person.) :)