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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Happy Happy ...

This is a busy week every year we have 3 big days in a row... Katie's birthday then mom and dads anniversary then today, Ryans birthday!! And i think this year ryan managed to get gifts every one of those days, and then some!


Here's a LOT of pics, and this is just from the last couple days!


Bess said...

I saw his name written on my calendar yesterday and thought of him! :) Happy 2nd birthday, little man! Now it's time to cut the top off of your pacifier! Yay! ;o)

aspect said...

Who got Ryan a coffee maker? Starting him young, I see!
-thera- (no idea why my google name is "aspect")

aspect said...

Also, who got Katie a toy vacuum cleaner? You guys are weird. :-)