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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kiddo Updates

ryan had a GI appt today. i was so excited to talk to doc about how we switched from whole milk to 1% milk and it's made a big difference, he eats better, no runny nose anymore and no diaper rash. well, gi doc has no clue. he kept saying "i just don't know". he is sending us to an allergist. he did check for allergies before when he did the scope and didn't find anything. he also said definitely don't stop what you're doing cause it's obviously helping and ryan gained another pound and he was pleased with that!!

naomi has been having some fussy/rough times the last couple days. her spitup increased, she's fussier, she's not staying asleep very long during the day, eating little bits often throughout the day and she just cried out in her sleep which is the saddest thing! i was thinking it could be a growth spurt or i don't have enough milk or i should cut out something from my diet. but tonight i'm really thinking we should give some reflux meds a try for her as well, we'll see.

overall we are very very blessed and still feeling well rested and much better than we did at this point when ryan was an infant. thank you friends and family for all the meals, gifts, prayers and love!

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Anonymous said...

those first couple weeks can be rough, oh i remember all too clearly. even if the little bundle is extremely content or not. it is just exhausting. hope the adjustment from one to two is going well and you are managing to get a little sleep.
i am thinking of you and happy to hear that mostly all is well. : )
take it day by day and remember, this is just a season.