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Friday, January 29, 2010

GI Update

Ryan and Naomi both saw the GI specialist today. Naomi hopefully just has regular reflux. He upped her meds. She's gaining weight fine! Ryan unfortunately is down a few ounces from his last weight in october. The doctor wasn't too concerned, but definitely not happy, he didn't bring up the idea of a feeding tube so whew! We're going to talk to the nutritionist again about adding something more than the duocal to his diet. because of being so low weight his immune system is bad and he gets anything that he's exposed to. this would explain why he got two stomach bugs in the last month. so we're going to have to hold off on church nursery and group kid activities at least until cold/flu season is over.

after the appts we went to visit great gram and papa jay and we got to go in the pool!! this was naomi's first time in a pool! i'm including pictures below.


The Haver Family said...

Looks like she enjoyed the pool!

Anna said...

she's getting so wonderfully chunky! so precious! :)