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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, snow, snow!

It's SO neat to see all this snow!! It's what I hoped for every year as a kid! It's so deep, i love it!!

First snowfall Saturday a week ago...
That is a 50 yr old snow blower (no exaggeration!)

Second on Tuesday this week...

There's a car under here! (not our house)

More to come next week I hear!!

and here's a picture of my cutie baby!!


Anna said...

first of all..those little girl is gorgeous! way too cute! and I think that Ryan looks like John in that picture of him at the table! (John as a little boy..he was REALLY quite a cutie at those point!) :) give these adorable children a kiss and hug for me!

Julie J said...

What an adorable little girl! She is getting sooo big!

Thera said...

She's incredible! Wow!! Growing so much!! Love the Ryan pictures, too. And the snow pictures.