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Monday, March 29, 2010

Katie and Andrews Wedding!!

Last weekend was Katie and Andrews wedding!!! Or as Ryan calls it, "The Big wedding!" It was such a perfect day! The weather was fantastic and everything went so well! Ryan Jay was the ring bearer, Naomi was the flower girl and Tim was her flower daddy (she couldn't wiggle down the aisle on her own), and I was the matron of honor. So it was an all out family affair! We had a GREAT time! Congratulations and we love you Katie and Andrew! Here's a LOT of pics and there's more on facebook.

rehearsal, the dinner was at lock nairn (sp), it was great, thanks brian!

Katie was SO excited the whole day! and Ryan can't stop talking about the wedding, he thinks we're gonna do it again. Before the ceremony the organist rang the chimes and ryan yelled, "uh, did somebody ring the doorbell?" then halfway up the aisle he says "and people are smiling at you!"

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