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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ryans Immunologist Report

The immunologist called back today and told us that Ryan has an IgA deficiency. Of immune issues, this is the most common. He may or may not grow out of it. It causes him to easily catch illnesses and infections respiratory and GI related. There's no treatment, just basically means he'll catch everything and we need to keep him out of situations where he'll be exposed to things. This is what has and will continue to keep us from group situations, like preschool, church, playgroups, etc. We will keep up with the doctor every 6 months to see if anything has changed. It is the only issue that came up out of his testing, everything else looks good. This sounds like a not major issue, but confirms what we've been thinking, so we're not all crazy and this isn't all just "bad luck". So please pray that he will grow out of this and there will be no additional complications! He's a very social person and it's hard to not let him do social things with people his age!

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