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Monday, April 18, 2011

Health Update

Recently we went back to the immunologist and she repeated bloodwork on ryan to see if his levels had changed, and they haven't, so probably the immune deficiency is a lifetime thing. but it is the most common and as they get older and hygiene gets better it's not as big a problem. apparently a lot of people have it and don't even know it. but the blood tests also showed that is iron is too low. They don't know the cause of it, probably more bloodwork to come. in the meantime we'll have to try and figure out how to get iron in him. the supplement is making him spit up and gag for 10 minutes. so that's not the way!

but both kids gained weight! we did have to up the prilosec for both of them but thank you Lord that the meds are covered by insurance and they help! We are very grateful for happy mostly healthy children who are eating well and sometimes sleep through the night!

in other news, naomi got an ear infection! our house looks like drugstore at dinner time passing out meds, kinda fun actually!... :)

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