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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ryan Update

Ryan had a checkup today at the pedi. His weight was slightly down, which after a couple nights of puking wasn't terribly surprising) but unfortunately his iron was down as well. :( It was the "quick" test so we're upping the dosage and in 3 weeks getting quest bloodwork done. After the appointment I did a little research online and it looks like maybe the low iron is caused by the long term use of the prilosec. The pedi is also recommending that we get a second opinion, wondering if all of this is really related to the reflux or if there's something more going on. We are going to a CHOP facility and feel the doctor is very competent, but we will consider getting another opinion. So, please pray for healing for Ryan, patience, guidance, and trust in God for us, and God's glory in all. Thanks!

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Awe... We'll be praying for little Ryan. I know it's hard, but God is good! :)