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Friday, August 05, 2011

GI Smile

The kids both had checkups with the GI doctor today. Ryan is now 33 pounds and 39 inches tall. Naomi is 22 pounds and 33 inches tall. They are both doing VERY well and we even got several smiles from the normally unemotional GI doctor!! We will be trying to back off on naomis prilosec and see how that goes. In a month or so we will try for ryan as well!!

Very very exciting!! Who ever would have thought that the little scrawny non eating, non sleeping, puking, screaming mess of a baby, eventually adding immune, lactose and iron issues to the list... would be asking for more food (asking for food?!), gaining weight, running around, swimming, sleeping through the night (sleeping!! unbelievable!), full of energy, loving camp and sunday school(yes, we go to church again!!), headed to preschool in the fall and now maybe backing off of his reflux meds!! God is good!!!

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