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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Camping and other such things...

We went camping this weekend! i think this was the first time we didn't get rained out camping! we used our new tent too!!

The tent also has a "pet den", not that we have a pet, but it's useful for things like luggage and funny pictures... and we had a good time with fires and marshmallows and reading, and tim went fishing.

but it was freezing!! We had two of those "mummy" bags, the kind that are very small and go up around your head. but the one tim was in was not so warm! so the second night we squeezed into the one that was warm and we barely fit, we stayed warm but woke up quite sore and I think this was God's way of making me stop complaining and really appreciate our full size bed!

There are more pictures of camping in the october album of our online photos...

And now for something completely different... We went to Tim's cousins (nathans) wedding last friday at the fonthill museum. really neat spot! also very cold! congratulations to carly and nathan!! Also more pics of that in the october album.

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