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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New camera and October Birthdays!

New camera!! woohoo! and this one's not water logged! it's an exilim s770, realllllly nice! tim got it for me for christmas! here's a cute picture from the new camera of our babykins esther kitty...

There's lots more pics in the october folder of my yahoo pics of random stuff with the new camera and also of the october manthey birthdays.

We went to Matt and Lydias for october birthdays, fun times, your new room is the best! i will select a few pictures from the night to add to this post... one of trent cause he's so cute! and he was cheesing it up for the camera the whole night, he'd actually hold a pose until he saw a flash!

and one of us playing catan because I WON!! To which tim made some crazy comment about me winning at a strategy game - uh huh - well he's just bitter because he usually wins and this time he lost to a girl!

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