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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reflux Update

bear with me, i have a lot to say today!

Ryans reflux is still going strong and tim and i are still quite exhausted. We've seen the specialist and he made sure his anatomy is all in it's right place, so that's not the problem. We're still told he'll outgrow this within his first year. Which isn't much of a comfort on bad days when he's constantly whining. he doesn't sleep/nap well in general, up until about two weeks ago ryan was still getting up every 1 to 2 hours at night. that has greatly improved and he's up about twice a night now!! he doesn't eat all that well either but he seems to get enough, he's still gaining weight! he's still on his prilosec and we're trying mylanta as well.

but the biggest thing that makes a difference is PRAYER!! here's two examples...
at small group the other night i was very discouraged and the girls prayed for me/ryan and that night he was at my moms and he slept through the night! and just today we were having a terrible whiny spitty day and he wouldn't eat. tim was home for lunch and prayed for us. after lunch ryan ate 6 ounces and napped from 1:30-4:30! praise the Lord for little miracles!

Just wanted to say a special thanks to my mom for all the help she gives me. She is a great support to me every week, helping around the house, with grocery shopping, and generally just being there to talk to, like she's always been! She (and my dad) have also been taking ryan for one night a week to allow tim and i to sleep. this is a HUGE blessing to us!


Kara Stoltzfus said...

oh jen. i feel for you. madelyn had reflux from about 2 months of age till about 5 months. hers wasn't nearly as bad, but i can remember the two weeks before we took her to the doctor and started her on zantac, it was a horrible few weeks. constant fussing, whining and crying. i will pray for you and ryan. i hope you can get some relief (thanks goodness for our mothers) and get some rest.
hang in there!

Bess said...

You guys are always in our thoughts and we're praying for continued improvement! :) Hang in there, friends!