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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Reflux Update

On friday we went to the GI doctor for a checkup. Ryan has been doing a lot better in general, especially with sleeping. Most nights he sleeps through the night, like 9 hours! it's a miracle for sure! The GI is going to take him slowly off the carafate now. we're going down to once a day and in a couple weeks we'll try none at all. He's still on the prilosec and the doc assured me if he went downhill again we'd go back to the carafate.

The doctor is concerned about his weight. He still only weighs 20 pounds and he's 16 months old now. He actually lost a few ounces since his pedi appt a month ago. So we've been recommended to a nutritionist and we were sent to get bloodwork done. Which was a quite a trip, see below. The doc also mentioned that if he didn't gain weight well enough they could put him on supplemental tube feedings, but lets not think about that right now!! Here's some pics from getting the bloodwork. Poor kid had three adult sized vials taken from him! What a trainwreck!


Haver Family said...

Poor little man! I hope they get you results fast and pray that he doesn't need a feeding tube.

Coleson's Blog said...

Oh how sad! Coleson has had bloodwork done a couple of times (3 tubes each!) but he wasnt phased at all...I was expecting this!! Poor guy. I hope that he doesnt need the tube and starts to eat like a little man and grow, grow! We're praying for you guys!

Kara Stoltzfus said...

i can relate, maddie gets blood all the time for her thyroid