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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ryan J Updates

All of Ryans bloodwork came back negative, praise the Lord!!

Ryan got some cute clothes from Thera for christmas and after I put them on him I couldn't help but do a photoshoot with my little prep!!

And also... ryan has started to whistle! crazy huh? i'm going to try and get it on video, but right now he won't do it on command :)


Anna said...

what is the little prep holding?

ps..i showed my friend Ashley these pictures and of course she exclaimed over his cuteness - and i asked her what she expected from a manthey baby - and then exclaimed over his outfit. she has already proclaimed that she's going to dress her little boy in a preppy fashion so these pictures might as well be of her baby in 10 years. :)

Jen said...

oh he's just holding a notebook and pencil i handed him for the photo :)

Allen Keller said...

nice clothes you got from Thera, Ryan!